Expert Suppliers

PowerLed as a brand was developed primarily for Sunpower Electronics Ltd to launch their own brand LED drivers, to fill the gap they were seeing on the market for some types and sizes of LED Driver. With the popularity of these standard setting drivers the range has since developed further to include a full spectrum of LED drivers, all built with the expected high quality and reliability of product and service their customers have grown to expect.

As their knowledge and experience of the LED lighting industry grew they could see that there were a lot of substandard products out there which were not doing their LED drivers justice so they developed their own range of LED Flexi Strip, designed around existing technical knowledge of power and manufacturing processes this range of LED Flexi Strip was built so that their customers were assured of consistency of colour, quality LED chips and an excellent final build. With the popularity of these flexi strips the range quickly developed further to include an array of complete LED lighting solutions, ensuring the same quality in LED lighting as you get from PowerLED LED Drivers.

PowerLed are your trusted and expert supplier of commercial lighting solutions. We have the know-how and experience to help you quickly and easily find a commercial lighting solution which is safe, reliable, cost-effective and totally suited to your needs/the needs of your customers.

Trading Credentials

As a business established in 1995 we have many years’ of trading experience, with outstanding performance in the market place growing year on year; our products are used by a multitude of UK manufacturers across many industries. Why? Because they are best in class, yet always offer great value for money and minimal whole life cost. Our expertise in power technology and mass production translates well into innovative, constantly evolving LED products with continuously improving efficiency and reliability. As a company we can offer advice, design, customisation and manufacturing of LED Drivers and LED Lighting for almost any application.

Expert Suppliers

Customer Service

PowerLed is committed to the excellence of its customer support, from the moment of initial enquiry and through the total life of all of its products. This is reflected in the enthusiasm and knowledge of both our sales and our support teams, who put every effort into assisting you via email, phone or fax as appropriate. With access to your account and pricing information, our team can respond immediately to any questions concerning your pricing, stock holdings or account status. Our quality of ‘total life’ service has driven the growth of our loyal, long-term customer base.

Warranty & Shipping

As well as offering a warranty period or lifetime value, we can produce supporting data to substantiate warranty claims and the potential lifetime of a fitting.

We have a department dedicated to product quality who can discuss any warranty issues you may have or provide you with credible data on our product quality statistics to further ensure you as to the quality of our products.

These services are free of charge, without any hidden costs. Many of our product lines are available from stock in our UK warehouses, or alternatively can be obtained on short lead-time, with the facility to dispatch same day directly to you or your customers location.

Features & Pricing

Our LED products include energy saving features, excellent build quality and outstanding performance. They are generally “fit and forget” with little or no maintenance required after installation. We also offer a range of additional options such as dimming, daylight harvesting, motion sensors and custom finishes on a large portion of our LED profile. We have worked hard to ensure our products give you true value for money, while enhancing your reputation with your customers. That’s why choosing PowerLed as your brand is vital for your success. We have the experience to advise on your choice of LED light and LED Driver backed by the products to support it.

Lighting Design Assistance

Lighting design assistance is built into our service at no extra cost. We offer LDT files or IES data for all our lighting products; these LDT/IES files contain photometric data suitable for lighting design applications like IES Viewer, Photometric Viewer, Relux and others.

Our experts are available to assist with your lighting design; using our data and expertise ensures that you select the most appropriate options and achieve the most effective lighting solutions available.

Quality Management & CE

We operate to a Quality Management System that is BS-EN-ISO 9001:2015 certified and our factories are approved to both ISO-9001 and ISO-14001.

We also ensure our products meet the required European Directives and are suitable for movement within the EEA. We hold the required declarations to back up our markings and to support you should you need to assist in the qualification of your end equipment.

We are trusted and expert suppliers of commercial LED lighting and power solutions. Our experience helps our customers achieve more reliable, efficient, safe and cost-effective lighting results.