Suppliers of commercial LED lighting and power solutions

It takes professional lighting to bring drama to a heritage cathedral, excitement to a designer watch display, or romance to a restaurant setting. Today, increasingly, lighting designers around the world are finding the edge to win such projects through the performance, longevity, economy and efficiency of LED technology.

But every great LED Lighting project depends on a great LED power supply. A product that’s perfectly matched to the LED and its role, and completely capable of delivering on the project’s lifetime expectations. In all environments and for years to come.

Case #1: The requirement is to fit lighting into an atrium roof. Considering its inaccessible location, LED lighting with an MTBF of 80,000 hours is chosen, allowing ‘fit and forget’ for a comfortable number of years to come. This highlights the critical need for an LED power supply with a matching MTBF figure to achieve the installation’s design objectives.

Case #2: LEDs work best when fed with a known, constant current, but this can be difficult to ensure due to tolerances in power supplies, LED components and environmental conditions. Therefore a power supply or driver with an adjustable constant current output capability is essential for optimising real-world LED performance.

Case #3: LED lighting is now designed into refrigerated supermarket displays, partly due to its unimpaired performance in freezing conditions. The availability of power supplies specified to -30 degC operating temperatures facilitates the success of such projects.

PowerLED is highly experienced in matching power supplies to the full spectrum of LED lighting demands. We have built the resources to ensure your success, whatever your project scenario may be. This brochure describes our extensive power supply range and how to choose your ideal solution. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, our UK based technical support team can help immediately. They can advise on existing products, or discuss custom solutions as appropriate. Our offering is not just a power supply. It’s the power to succeed in your LED lighting project..

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