LED installations are becoming increasingly popular in both domestic and commercial applications due to their significant energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. However, high brightness LEDs have other advantages over traditional lighting, the relative importance of these dependent on your specification and the application at hand. Here we will discuss the benefits of LED lighting and using PowerLed for your LED lighting project.


The controllability and saturation of LED lighting makes them a highly attractive solution for creative applications, such as stage lighting. Bringing a sense of drama to a heritage cathedral, a sense of excitement to a designer watch display or bringing a sense of romance to a restaurant setting takes professional LED lighting and is something we’re passionate about.

Our range of LINEO products come in a variety of colours in order to align with your brand and bring your vision to life. With our range of LINEO products you will be able to build designs with fluid lines of seamless light, with no spotting and a UV resistant diffuser. PowerLed will work with you to understand your requirements for LED lighting from the style, lengths and colour which will be bespoke to your project.


PowerLed are trusted and expert suppliers of commercial LED lighting and power solutions, highly experienced in matching power supplies to the full spectrum of LED lighting demands. We take pride in our procurement process and factory processes, with our factory being sterile, automated and utilising computerised quality checking. This is why we are confident that we are offering you the highest quality product.

Case studies

Here are some case examples of how the correct LED power supply can be used to maximise LED Lighting projects:

Case #1: The requirement for this project is to fit lighting into an atrium roof. Due to the inaccessible location, LED lighting with an MTBF of 80,000 hours is chosen in order to allow ‘fit and forget’ for years to come. This highlights the critical need for an LED power supply with a matching MTBF figure to achieve the installation’s design objectives.

Case #2: LEDs perform at their best when they are supplied with a known, constant current. This can be difficult to ensure due to tolerances in power supplies, LED components and environmental conditions. Therefore, a power supply or driver with an adjustable current output capability is essential for optimising real world LED performance.

Case #3: LED lighting is utilised in supermarket refrigerator displays, partly due to its unimpaired performance in freezing conditions. The availability of LED power supplies optimised to operate below minus 30 degrees celsius facilitates the success of such projects.


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