We often get asked “why should I consider LED lighting?”. LED lighting has enormous potential, and the benefits are becoming more well known. Here we discuss the main advantages of LED lighting, and why you should consider PowerLed for your lighting project.


You should consider LED lighting for your lighting project as the CTT and CRI are acceptable for the professional market, meaning that LEDs can be utilised in a range of applications including advertising, background lighting, medical lighting and professional lighting.


LED lighting should be considered as, compared to most conventional fluorescent lighting bulbs which contain large amounts of toxic and polluting materials, LED lamps contain no mercury or other harmful gases. Therefore, they cause minimal harm to the environment making them a greener alternative.

Energy efficient

LED lighting offers >80% savings compared to incandescent lamps, with long lifetimes of up to 100,000 hours and no adverse effects to being switched often by controls. LEDs have an ‘instant on’ capability with no delay, superior efficacy of 100Lm/W and no UV or IR radiation, making them an energy efficient choice.


Using LED lighting for your next lighting project will provide numerous benefits compared to conventional fluorescent lighting. LED lighting facilitates a sense of flexibility whilst also remaining the most viable eco-friendly and energy efficient solution. LED use is almost limitless and can create never seen before lighting effects.

PowerLed offer well designed products with premium components and leading edge technologies, enabling our solutions to be utilised across a wide spectrum of applications. For more information and to discuss your requirements please contact us.