Suppliers of commercial LED lighting and power solutions

LED Lighting has enormous potential and the benefits are becoming very apparent.

LED’s offer great flexibility for all types of application from background lighting right through to professional lighting as the CCT and CRI are acceptable for the pro market.
It is environmentally friendly and contains no mercury which CFL lamps do.
It is energy efficient offering >80% savings against incandescent lamps.
Long lifetimes (up to 100k hours) and no adverse effects to being switched often by controls.
It has an ‘instant on’ capability with no delay which is important in certain light applications
Superior efficacy of 100Lm/W (and growing) compared to 60-65Lm/W for fluorescent technology.
No UV or IR radiation.
Switching many times will have no adverse effect on an LED so they are ideal for using with control products allowing even greater savings.
Flexible form factor making LED use almost limitless and able to create lighting effects never seen before.