Why LEDs are the Future of Lighting?

  • Energy-efficient; 100 lumen/Watt and better is becoming a reality
  • Long-lasting: 70% lumen output after 70,000 hours at 75˚C possible
  • No sudden failure: Lumen output tends to depreciate over time rather than failing catastrophically
  • Rugged: No filament to break. Can be used in vehicles and mobile applications, and environments subject to vibration.
  • Instant turn-on, and can be switched rapidly
  • Low temperature operation: Performance is improved rather than impaired at lower temperatures
  • Controllable light footprint: Lighting covers desired areas with no wastage and reduced need for reflectors and diffusers
  • Infinitely controllable and dimmable output for energy savings, accurate, appropriate lighting effects and compensation for lumen depreciation
  • No UV output: Suitable for art galleries and museums, without UV damage to exhibits
  • Low infra red output, so low radiated heat
  • Compact size for design and installation flexibility
  • Acoustically silent operation; Unobtrusive presence in intimate settings
  • Low voltage operation for safe installations
  • No mercury or other toxic contents
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