Suppliers of commercial LED lighting and power solutions

PowerLED understands the special challenges imposed by LED lighting installations, and delivers power supplies profiled to meet them.  The Merit Factors shown here each describe a power supply feature that fulfils a specific LED lighting demand.

64 IP Rating: The higher the value, the better the power supply resists ingress of dust, other objects and water
CC/CV Our power supplies support both Constant Current and Constant Voltage (CC and CV) modes. Each LED element within a lighting array
must receive the same forward current to ensure even brightness. This can be done directly using our CC mode power supplies. CV mode
can be used as an economical solution, or with an external driver circuit for more precise current control
V Vibration specification. Some of the Sunpower models have a Vibration specification indicating their suitability for use in mobile or
transportable applications, or other environments where mechanical vibration mut be considered
APFC Sunpower’s Active Power factor Correction (APFC) is an advanced Power Factor Correction technique that improves overall energy efficiency
DC Sunpower’s Dimming Control models allow remote, centralised analogue or digital LED dimming
E Sunpower’s packaging options include Plastic (P), Metal (M), Fully Encapsulated (E) and Open Frame (O). Encapsulation allows better
environmental protection and a higher operating temperature range. Open Frame allows space- and cost-efficient design into OEM luminaire
OP Overload protection options provide extra guarantees for use in unattended applications, in the event of LED failure
-30/+70˚C Operating temperature range. Wider values allow use outdoors, in unmanaged environments and in refrigerated display cabinets

Universal Merit Factors
All of the Sunpower LED power supplies have one or more of the above merit factors to optimise them for different LED lighting applications. The entire power supply range also has universal merit factors, further enhancing performance in all applications. These include

  • Universal AC Input for worldwide installation and operation
  • Fanless operation for increased reliability and zero audible noise
  • High efficiency, reducing energy consumption and cooling issues
  • 2 years’ warranty, underwriting our confidence in the products
  • All relevant Safety and EMC certificates to support your installation design