Dimmable power supplies are pertinent to LED lighting, a function used in numerous applications to control the brightness of the LED lights. Intelligent design systems for dimming can include domestic applications such as kitchens, bathrooms and also commercial applications including retail, architectural and cinemas. The dimming of LEDs is done by using a dimmable power supply that controls the current flowing through the LED or where the LEDs are turned on and off via pulse-width-modulation.

There are three main dimming functions available:

  • Resistive dimming
  • 1~10VDC, and
  • PWM Signal Dimming

Resistive Dimming

A resistive dimmable power supply has a 100k potentiometer and variable resistance across the internal control voltage from a driver, negating the need for an external voltage.

 1~10VDC Dimming

1~10VDC dimming is where a 1~10V source is applied to the driver. 1V control voltage approximates to 10% output voltage, 2V = 20%, 3V = 30% etc.

 PWM Signal Dimming

PWM is also known as pulse width modulation; this is where an external circuit is used to control the average voltage to the dimming input.


We offer a range with 3-in-1 dimming which combines all of the three types discussed above – resistive dimming, 1~10VDC dimming and PWM.


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