What is a driver?

A driver is a circuit or component used to control another circuit or component.

What is the function of a driver?

Drivers are usually used to regulate current flowing through a circuit.

Should I have an onboard driver or a separate driver solution?

There is no doubt that having an onboard driver is easier for the consumer, however incorporating the required electronics for the driver into the lamp, for example, produces more heat and is less efficient.

Additionally, if it were to fail, an onboard driver solution would render the lamp useless and, if the lamp were to fail, the driver would have to be disposed of even if it worked perfectly.

Separate driver solutions also allow for extra space in the component which will enhance heat dissipation.

We would recommend a separate driver solution as it is more efficient, enhances heat dissipation and means that the lifetime of both the driver and the lamp are not dependent on one another.


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