Significant energy savings and reduced maintenance costs are key reasons for LED lighting installations; but high brightness LEDs have other advantages over traditional lighting as well. The relative importance of these depends on the particular application. For example, with their controllability and saturated colours, they are highly attractive for stage lighting equipment and coupled with a dimmable driver is the perfect solution. Different projects call for different lighting solutions, but one thing is for certain: for the best performance, greatest cost savings and utmost reliability, the right choice of power is absolutely essential to any high brightness installation. That’s why choosing a supplier like PowerLed is vital for your project success; we have the experience to advise on your choices as well as the products to support it.

Dimmable drivers have become a vital part of numerous industrial lighting applications, allowing the system user to set the level of light therefore saving energy. PowerLed’s indoor dimmable drivers can transform a daytime diner into a romantic restaurant.  It takes precision dimming, smooth control and high efficiency LED technology to perform the task; you can guarantee that PowerLed’s technical team will ensure the correct LED dimmable driver is chosen for your application.

It takes professional architectural lighting to bring drama to a heritage cathedral, excitement to a designer watch display, or romance to an outdoor restaurant setting. Today, increasingly, lighting designers around the world are finding the edge to win such projects through the performance, longevity, economy and efficiency of LED technology. A product that’s perfectly matched to the light and its role, and completely capable of delivering on the project’s lifetime expectations, in all environments and for years to come.

PowerLed is highly experienced in matching the full spectrum of lighting demands. We have built the resources to ensure your success, whatever your project scenario may be. This website details our extensive range with helpful categorising and filtering facilities to assist you in choosing your ideal solution.

Compared with conventional lighting, LED technology can bring significant energy savings and therefore cost reductions. There’s no single product solution for all installations. The best choice depends on each application and its particular demands on power, for example applications that require dimming, multiple outputs, constant current, constant voltage, IP ratings, high power or PFC. Our Selection guide shows you which PowerLed lighting products to consider for your particular project.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for, our UK based technical support team can help immediately. They can advise on existing products, or discuss custom solutions as appropriate. Our offering is not just a power supply. It’s the power to succeed in your LED lighting project.