All LED products, just like any other electronic product, are put through testing stages before being released for sale on any platform. Solid-State Lighting (SSL) systems have become subject to testing designed by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), tests LM79 (please click the link for more information on LM79 testing) and LM80 predominantly.

LM80-08 Approved Method: Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED light sources, covers the measuring of lumen depreciation of solid-state light sources, arrays and modules. The idea of LM80 is to help ensure that when a buyer purchases an LED product they are getting the most out of the new LED bulb.

LM80 helps to validate that the bulb will have a useable amount of light for as long as it says it will. This is necessary because most light sources “burn out” when they come to end of life, due to the need for a filament to produce the light. LED’s however do not have a filament and therefore don’t “burn out” so LM80 provides data on the depreciation of a bulb up to the end of useful light output.

You must be aware that LM80 testing does NOT define or provide information to calculate the life for a solid-state light, it is simply data provided on the point at which an LED is estimated to still provide useful light output, it is normally presented as a percentage, the majority of LED’s stop useful light output at around 70% of full output, but LM80 does not indicate how long it will take to depreciate to this point.

IESNA LM80 sets the standards for uniform test methods for LED manufacturers under controlled conditions, measuring LED maintenance while controlling the case temperature, the forward voltage and current to the LED for a 6000hours period. All of this will be tested at three different case temperatures: 55°C, 85°C and a third temperature selected by the manufacturer.

All data for LM80 testing can be provided by the manufacturer and should be made accessible for viewing by purchasers in order to allow prospective buyers to compare lighting systems to find which is best for them.

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