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Colour Temperature

Colour temperature is a characteristics of visible light which can be applied to both natural and man made light.

Light Source Colour Temperature
Match Flame 1700K
Sunset/Sunrise 1850K
Moonlight 4100-4150K
Horizon Daylight 5000K
Vertical Daylight 5500-6000K
Daylight Overcast 6500K

Colour temperatures over 5000K are referred to as cool colours and emit a blueish white light, whilst 2000-3000K colour temperatures are called warm colours and emit a yellowish white, through to red colour.

Colour Temperature Attributes Common Applications
2700K Friendly, Personal, Intimate Homes, Libraries, Restaurants
3000K Friendly, Personal, Intimate Homes, Libraries, Restaurants
3500K Inviting, Non-Threatening Meeting rooms, Reception areas, Supermarkets
4100K Neat, Clean, Efficient Offices, Classroms, Showrooms
5000K Bright, Alert Graphic industry, Hospitals
6500K Bright, Cool Jewellers, Beauty Salons, Galleries, Museums