Colour Temperature

Colour temperature is a characteristic of visible light which can be applied to both natural and artificial light.

What are some examples of light sources and colour temperature?

Light Source Colour Temperature
Match Flame 1700K
Sunset/Sunrise 1850K
Moonlight 4100-4150K
Horizon Daylight 5000K
Vertical Daylight 5500-6000K
Daylight Overcast 6500K

What are the attributes and common applications of colour temperatures?

Colour Temperature Attributes Common Applications
2700K Friendly, Personal, Intimate Homes, Libraries, Restaurants
3000K Friendly, Personal, Intimate Homes, Libraries, Restaurants
3500K Inviting, Non-Threatening Meeting rooms, Reception areas, Supermarkets
4100K Neat, Clean, Efficient Offices, Classroms, Showrooms
5000K Bright, Alert Graphic industry, Hospitals
6500K Bright, Cool Jewellers, Beauty Salons, Galleries, Museums

Colour temperatures over 5000K are referred to as cool colours and emit a blue white light. Colour temperatures of 2000-3000K are referred to as warm colours and emit a yellow white light, through to a warm red colour.

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