CE Mark

The CE mark is a statement from the manufacturer as to the compliance of a product to all relevant CE directives; there are over 20 different CE marking directives and more than one can apply to a product. The CE mark is not a quality mark or guarantee to consumers; a CE marked product should also have a declaration to confirm the details of its relevant EU directives.

The CE mark is applied to luminaire in relation to the low voltage directive and electromagnetic compatibility where mains power is connected. For some products the EuP requirement may also be necessary for CE compliance.

Low Voltage Directive

2006/95/ECLow Voltage Equipment

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Directive 2004/108/EC replaces directive 89/336/EEC in the clarification of member state laws relating to electromagnetic compatibility, or EMC, of equipment. The objective is to ensure that equipment should comply with EMC requirements when placed on the market/taken into service and good engineering practice for fixed installations.The directive limits electromagnetic emissions to ensure that, when used as intended, it does not disturb radio, telecommunication and other equipment. It also governs the immunity of the equipment to interference from radio, telecommunication and other equipment, when used as intended.