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PowerLed are introducing a new range of Casambi enabled products, extending our capabilities to support Bluetooth Low Energy and the Bluetooth Mesh Network.

BLE has a number of compelling advantages, not shared by other, more traditional networks. BLE is the only low power wireless technology found in all modern smartphones, tablets and even smart watches, making it the only mainstream and future-proof low power radio technology worldwide.

This also means that no gateways are required to control lighting via BLE. This saves costs compared with networks like Zigbee and Wi-Fi that require gateway modules between the control device and the network. Further, BLE is more robust, and less prone to interference than other networks. When implemented using Mesh technology, BLE eliminates single points of failure and becomes a more reliable network implementation.

Another benefit of BLE, and Bluetooth Mesh technology, is that it allows for firmware updates to be distributed over the network, with each device carrying its own intelligence. Any unit can go offline, and catch up from others when it returns online.

An internet connection is not necessary for normal operation, it is only needed for user interface configurations to be sent or recalled from a cloud service. However, a cloud service provides considerable further utility. Sensor values can be passed through the network for diagnostics, analysis and further action. Grouping of multiple networks across an entire site can also be set up, allowing their management as a single entity.


To discuss your BLE requirements please get in touch with a member of our team.

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