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The range of warehouse LED lighting from PowerLed offers reliability at the heart of the product, being designed from the LED driver outwards.

Indoor and outdoor warehouse LED lighting solutions ensure you have reliable, efficient lighting in whatever kind of work space you have. Outside, using our best in class FLEX Floodlights (at 100W to 240W) will give you a dual driver solution ensuring no loading bays will be left without light.

Moving inside, our intelligent warehouse LED lighting range of GENESIS2 and LOWBAY fixtures offer high efficiency, affordable lighting solutions which harvest available daylight, use clever aisle control or simply just provide quality light. High IP ratings and integral Emergency solutions for all ranges add a new dimension to where and how they can be deployed.

Emergency warehouse LED lighting solutions offer up to 3 hours of backed up power with the built in emergency power packs within some of our LED light fittings. Ensuring that your high hazard zones are illuminated at all times.


Microwave Sensors

Make your application more energy efficient with daylight threshold, daylight harvesting, corridor function and motion sensing technology.

Emergency Light Conversion

Our emergency light fittings offer up to 3hrs of power to illuminate your high hazard zones.


Covers, Lens Guards, Diffusers and Lens options available to increase suitability to your application.