Here at PowerLed we have a wide range of LED Area Lighting suitable for a variety of uses and environments. The introduction of LED lighting has had a huge impact on area lighting as it is a powerful source of lighting with high lumen outputs whilst requiring a low source of power and lasting much longer than traditional lighting solutions. Making a big positive environmental impact, reducing power consumption and maintenance needs and costs.

For outdoor LED area lighting there is a large selection of high IP rated products including street lighting which is designed for low level illumination of streets, pathways, and parks. This also includes solar powered street lighting which we can provide on ordered requests.

LED area lighting also includes illuminating sports pitches, decorative lighting in commercial and domestic locations like a garden or seating areas. LED floodlighting is often used for sports field and pitches for their high lumen output and resilient robust designs, providing illumination even at a long distance for large surface area coverage. LED flexible tape is an ideal solution for illuminating garden and seating areas with a decorative flare. For example, lining flower beds, pathways, canopy roofing etc. Alternatively LED downlights are recommended for internal use to illuminate display areas such as featured artwork, point of sales displays and more.

Energy efficient lighting with high lumen outputs.

Up to 50K hours reduces the need for maintenance and lowers overall costs

Suitable for car parks, sport pitches, walk ways, gardens etc.

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