When we refer to Commercial LED lighting this covers everything linked to commercial premises from outside areas to warehousing and office space; the days of harsh fluorescent tubes and bulk heads are gone.  Selecting the right fitting for each area will ensure an environment that is not only practical but also efficient with workspace lit to the right levels for the task in hand.

With commercial premises also operating for longer hours than a domestic building, efficient use of energy should play a key role in Luminaire selection, with fittings selected not just for their light output but due to their serviceability and additional features. Commercial LED lighting that can adjust its output based on natural light levels, or come to life when motion is selected should always be a consideration.

IP and IK Rated products

strong steel and aluminium housings & brackets, with hard wearing finishes, polycarbonate lenses & diffusers, toughened glass

Antiglare Recessed fittings, for discrete and unobtrusive installation, such as reception or public convenience areas.

Anti-glare diffusers are also available for our lowbay & highbay units

If your location has high ceilings, such as a warehouse, factory or workshop then our highbay, lowbay and area lights would be a great option. The fittings have high IP rating, are impact rated. Our GENESIS3L & FLEX-LENS Series' have multiple lensing options, to make ideal for aisle or focused area lighting - ensuring you are only directing light to areas that need it.

Addition will allow for additional energy and cost savings bu utilising ON/OF Sensor, Daylight Threshold, Corridor Function or Daylight Harvesting.

3hr 10W emergency light conversion, saves the need for additional emergency light fittings.

Lens Variants for when concentrated lighting is required. Polycarbonate diffuser to reduce glare.

Would your install benefit from emergency lit, corridor or occupancy function?

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