LED lighting has changed the appearance of homes and business across the globe with their low power and ECO-friendly designs, discreet appearance, and flexibility of use. With the reduction of use in non-energy efficient lighting power consumption has decreased allowing more room for extra lighting and brilliant designs with the likes of LED lighting. Cabinet LED lighting has become increasingly popular and often includes display cabinets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets in both domestic and commercial environments.

Our range of Zen series down lights are the ideal solution to cabinet LED lighting starting with as low as 11W of power that can produce a high 900 Lumens of dimmable light. For larger displays you also have the option of 35W to produce up to 3000 Lumens.

Hide cabinet LED lighting with a discreet and flexible LED tape to produce various lighting effects in a variety of colour options with our RGB+W tape and wireless controllers.

Our LED Flexible tape is an ideal discreet option for cabinet lighting.

Additional lighting can increase the value of any home.

Energy efficient and much more cost effective than traditional lighting.

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