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Architectural LED lighting enhances the aesthetic and functional appearance of a building or structure, using LED illumination allows you to produce colour washing effects, down lighting and up lighting. Lighting solutions can be part of the architectural design and artwork or simply there to illuminate and/or enhance the structural design and overall appearance.

Main contributing factors considered in architectural LED lighting is the amount of functional light provided, the aesthetic impact and the energy consumed during operation. IP ratings are vital to architectural LED lighting to protect against moisture, dust, solid objects, immersion and water sprays.

We have a range of power supplies which are suitable for architectural LED lighting applications with various case dimensions, offering from 9~100W of power in various output voltages. This includes our salt spray tested LED floodlight range ideal for protection against adverse weather prone environments.


Weather Proof

Various products tested against moisture, dust, solid objects, immersion and water sprays.

Various Output Voltages

Voltage varients of 9~100W of power

Enhance Appearance

Utilise LED illumination to enhance the appearance of the architectural structure.

Recommended Ranges