UTR24-30 is a 24V, 1.25A Constant LED Driver with an input voltage of 180~240VAC and power of 30W. Suitable for LED Lighting and LED Electrical display applications. Features include a high efficiency of 85%, up to 30 watts of DC output and IP62 rating.

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  • Ultrathin plastic Enclosure
  • Power factor corrected
  • High efficiency
  • CE approved
  • Lead in Lead out termination
  • Constant Voltage output of 12 or 24Vdc
  • Up to 30 watts of DC output power
  • Short circuit protected IP20 & IP62
  • Edgelit
  • Modular sign boxes
  • Canvas covered display applications
Connections Screw Terminal I/P or O/P
Weight 0.24Kg
Dimensions 251 x 30 x 16.7mm

UTR24-30 is part of our 24Vdc Constant Voltage Light Box driver range, performing with 180~240Vac at 1.25A. IP20 rated and performing at 30W, they are ideal for building into Light box signage, modular sign boxes and canvas covered displays.

Designed with a slim line design, 251 x 30 x 16.7mm the driver is aimed to be innovative, creative and adaptable, allowing easy installation and flexibility. Benefiting from the UTR-24-30 compact size allows an inconspicuous fitting for indoor LED lighting and LED electrical display applications. Supplied with a screw terminal on each end of the driver, it allows a simple operation in order to get started. Connect your led strips to your drivers screw fixed points and once this operation is completed, you will receive an easy and clear input and output connection.

With the UTR’s ultra thin plastic enclosure, the performance is just as efficient and impressive. Incorporating a short circuit protection and a hiccup mode, this means your driver will automatically switch off, recover itself and activate again, after the fault condition is removed. Featuring a varied operational temperature of -20��C ~ 50��C, your driver has the capability to perform in diverse environments which require a high performance level and with our adaptable UTR24-30, you able to run your LED strip to suit this requirement.

As expected with any PowerLED product, the UTR24-30 meets all safety and EMC standards with a 3 year warranty, ensuring professional reliability.

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