12C-RGB+W-20 is 12mm PCB solderless in-line joining connector for use with our 12mm LED Flexible tape. Ideal for quickly joining 2 lengths of LED flexi strip.5pcs per pack

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  • Quick, clean and easy way to join 2 lengths of LED flexi strip
  • Create in-line connection of two 10mm LED flexi strips
  • Suitable for 12mm PCB LED tape
  • Suitable for RGB+W colour LED strip
  • Ideal for IP20 rated, but also usable with IP65 where PV coating has been removed from solder joints
  • Can be used with 12VDC and 24VDC LED strip
  • 12mm PCB LED Flexi Strip
  • Link together two short lengths of tape to create one longer length

12C-RGB+W-20 is a 12mm PCB solderless in-line joining connector, designed to link 2 lengths of RGB+W colour 12mm PCB LED flexible tape quickly, cleanly and easily.Simply take your two lengths of LED flexible tape, slide the PCB into the connector, so that the solder points are under the metal arms of the connector, then click the cover shut to complete the connections and create a longer length of LED tape.Suitable for use with our IP20 rated 12mm PCB RGB+W LED chip tapes. Can also be used with our 12mm PCB IP65 rated tapes if the waterproof polyurethane layer is removed from the contact points first. The polyurethane can be removed using a sharp craft blade, take care when doing this not to damage the PCB, LEDs or connection points.To retain the IP rating of the LED tape adequate sealing should be applied around the connections.5pcs per pack.Maximum load on these solderless connectors is 3A; please see specifications information below for a guide to our tapes and the maximum length you can run when used with them.

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