D0-55-28-2-F6-5-20-FP S-Type LED Flexible Strip

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  • Designed for signs, sculptured lettering and back lit lighting
  • Easy to install around tight corners
  • Continuos length up to 5m
  • ECO freindly and energy saving
  • 50,000 hours of working life


  • Signs
  • Sculptured lettering
  • Back lit lighting


D0-55-28-2-F6-5-20-FP S-Type LED Flexible Strip is designed specifically to be able to be placed on locations that require flexibility. Unlike other LED strips, the S-Type strips can be laid out in different directions the accommodate the shape of the subject. For example the S-Type LED strip is ideal for tight corners, sculptured lettering, signs, back lighting and more. Performing with 600lumen output and designed with a 100mm cutting with 60 LED’s per meter.


Compatible Accessories:

Caimen Flexible Tape Connectors

Recessed & Angled Mounting Aluminium Extrusions

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