The RGBRF-RC1 is a 3.6Vdc Wireless LED remote controller. Featuring a high sensitive and high stable colour wheel for fast and precise colour control. Also enabling dimming brightness of each R, G, B, W channels, in order to mix millions of colours. Suitable for indoor LED environments.

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  • Suitable for indoor LED lighting
  • User friendly interface, easy and simple operation
  • Control up to 6 zones and set 6 scenes at each zone
  • 10 pre-set changing modes, with pause function
  • Capable of RGB colour adjustment
  • Press button RGBW controller
  • Can achieve Red/ Green/ Blue/ White colour directly
  • Synchronization function of pattern changes ensure consistent change
  • Enables dimming of brightness of each R, G, B, W channels, in order to mix millions of colours
  • Three-channel / Four-channel


Indoor LED environments


You are now able to control your LED colours with our simple and effective 3.6Vdc, RGBRF-RC1 controller. Suitable for larger areas, you have the capability to choose your RGB colour, whether they are single or synchronised with our 10 Pre-set changing mode and pause function. Incorporating Red, Green and Blue, the RGBRF-RC1 can control up to 6 zones and 6 scenes set at each zone, including a save button enabling you to save up to 6 colours/modes.  Featuring the capability to control multiple receivers, you can also control each area whilst on the go with your remote control.

Compatible with our RGBRF-4x5A, the controller is designed with a stable touch sensitive colour wheel to give precise and fast colour at your control. A maximum of 8 controllers can be used to control your LEDS for various scenes. All featured with each colour choice and setting saved; you can keep each colour pattern the same for each setting, or have the choice to alternate your colour choice.


Voltage 3.6Vdc min or 4.5Vdc (if using Alcholine Batteries)
Max Load Current 3/4/5 x 5A
Rated Power 3/4/5x(60-180)W
Operation Frequency 434MHz / 868MHz
Remarks Load 3pcs 7AAA (1.5V) batteries (Batteries not included)

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