Our range of RF Wireless LED Dimming Controllers feature the key elements required to enhance your space with endless display options, with control at your finger tips. Features include dynamic speed levels, brightness adjustment, LED Colour selection and various sequences. The controller range can be supported by iOS and android devices, as well as bluetooth compatibility.

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  • Single and RGB Colour LED Dimming Controllers
  • Multiple levels of light brightness adjustment with short-cut fixed settings
  • Ultra slim design
  • Easy to pair dimmer unit with additional remote controls
  • Auto memory recall function
  • 15 metre transmission distance
  • Wide range inputs
  • Suitable for 12Vdc & 24Vdc Tape
  • Over Temperature, overload and short circuit protections
  • RGBW 4 channel output on RGB18
  • Display Lighting
  • Commerical and Industrial Lighting
  • Retail Lighting

Our range of RF Wireless LED Dimming Controllers feature endless display options to enhance your applications space, with control only at your finger tips.

The advanced controllers are easily managed and are capable of brightness, colour, speed and synchronization adjustment. Designed to be an ultra slim fit with the option to pair up to multiple controllers, the RF Wireless Controller features a 15m transmission distance allowing remote control to any environment.

Our RF Wireless Remote Controller range incorporates various modes creating individuality to each scene and entails predetermined modes for short cut performances. Each controller includes PWM control for an ambient illumination and is designed to be visually useful and user friendly when selecting colour options and colour sequences. Product features include Bluetooth compatibility and is supported by Android and iOS devices for independent control.

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