PCV2445TD is a 43.2W, 24Vdc Triac Dimming Constant Voltage LED Driver with IP44 rated plastic case.

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  • 43.2W 24Vdc
  • Constant Voltage LED Driver
  • Triac Dimming
  • Leading and trailing edge compatible
  • 10-100% dimmable
  • Ideal for retrofit, no extra wiring required
  • High efficiency
  • Screw terminals for easy installation


  • Decorative LED lighting
  • LED Shelf lighting
  • Ambient LED lighting
  • 24Vdc LED strip lighting systems
  • LED down lighting where it is not viable to rewire for 1-10Vdc functionality


PCV2445TD is a 43.2W 24Vdc Triac Dimming Constant Voltage LED Driver with 180-240Vac input and IP44 rating for indoor use. This constant voltage triac dimming LED driver is capable of 10-100% of load dimming. The plastic case is fully isolated and fire resistant, with screw terminals for easy installation.

The unit is mains dimmable and designed to work with leading and trailing edge triac dimmers; other standard features include >80% efficiency, >0.95 power factor and short circuit, over current and over voltage protections.

Dimming is specified as 10 to 100%. Instability may occur at loading below 10%

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