L2N-CF is a corridor function version of our 595 x 595mm Neutral White LED tile. A wide-angled light distribution design, suitable for large-scale open places fitted with an optical diffuser plate reducing glare and achieving equal light.

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  • 3 year warranty
  • Reduce energy and maintenance costs
  • Motion detection illumination
  • Adjustable ON time values
  • Group configuration capability
  • High CRI ensures greater colour definition
  • Does not emit UV or IR radiation
  • Galvanised steel body and high reflective PET material
  • Japanese diffuser with >90% light transmittance
  • Taiwanese LED Technology
  • High efficiency LED?driver


  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Office Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Indoor applications


L2N-CF is a corridor function version of our L2N Neutral White LED tile.  When motion is detected by the sensor the L tile will fully illuminate, then after the time period determined by the dip switches will drop to the 5-10% level again.  The fully illuminated ON time can be set to 5sec, 40sec, 1min, 4min, 8min or 16min using the DIP switches.

To enable a group of L2N-CF tiles to work together synchronisation functionality is inbuilt, allowing all tiles to be triggered when any of the sensors in the group detects movement; an ideal feature for L2 tiles installed in corridors or communal areas such as lobbies.


Input Voltage 115 – 230Vac nominal
LED Type 36W Everlight chip
Luminous Flux ≥3200LM
CRI ≥80
Efficacy 88lm/w
Colour Temperature Neutral White (4000K)
Dimensions 595 x 595 x 98mm
Weight 4.3kg

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Weight 4.3 kg
LED Chip Type
LED Colour
Input Voltage