LOWBAY+IP54 Series IP Rated LED Lowbay Lighting Fittings with 120W-180W power consumption, 5000K light output, at 13840lm to 20160lm with 95° beam angle and 220-240Vac input voltage.

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  • IP54 Rated mains voltage LED ceiling light
  • 0.6mm sheet steel powder coated white
  • Alanod high reflective aluminium
  • Instant start with no flickering
  • High efficiency LED chip and reflector system
  • Energy savings of 85% & low maintenance costs
  • Long life - average 30k hours
  • PC transparent diffuser (optional opaque anti-glare diffuser AG1)
  • Daylight Harvesting, Corridor Function and Microwave Sensor functions available*

* Variants are available for the LOWBAY 120 + IP54 and LOWBAY 180 + IP54; however please note that the IP rating will be affected.


  • Warehouse Lighting
  • Factory Lighting
  • Workshop Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Retail Lighting


LOWBAY+IP54 Series IP Rated LED Lowbay Lighting Fittings offer a 5000K light output, at 120W or 180W power, with lumen levels of 13840lm and 20160Lm respectively.  The high efficiency LED chip and reflector system ensure you achieve beam angles of 95° from a instant start, flicker free fitting.

Our LOWBAY+IP54 Series IP Rated LED Lowbay Lighting Fittings have been designed as a viable replacement to conventional Lowbay light fittings they are an ideal replacement to 100W-400W Metal Halide light fixtures. Offering instant start and flicker free operation they are an easy to install, maintenance free and energy saving alternative. The addition of our optional sensors further enhance the energy saving capabilities by offering effective dimming or on/off of the light output for motion detection, corridor functioning or daylight harvesting features.

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