The NTS-IP67-RGB-W is part of the Nautilus Flexi Strip range. At 24VDC and 12W, they offer a high illumination of either 75lm, 185lm and 40lm depending on choice of channel colour. Featuring flexibility benefiting from a 3cm bending diameter and presented with multiple cable options allowing continuous light even when joined up to 10 metres.

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  • Custom lengths built to customer specification ready for installation
  • Seamless light with Ultra high brightness with new deisgn connectors
  • UV resistant and flame retardant PVC materials
  • High illumination
  • Very flexible (3cm minimum bending diameter)
  • Easy to use with DIY accessories for joining, terminating, mounting & powering
  • Rapid  turnaround
  • Continuous length up to 10 metres
  • Automated production, high reliability & long warranty
  • Multiple cable options allow continuous light even when joined
  • Commercial IP Rated Connectors
  • External applications where IP67 is required
  • 5 year life span


  • Cove Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Back Lighting


The NTS-IP67-RGB-W is part of our Nautilus Flexi Strip Range. Their voltage is 24VDC with a power of 12W, IP67 RGB and capability of a cutting length 100mm, complimenting their flexibility of 3cm bending diameter. You benefit from the choice of RGB colour channels between red, green and blue. NTS-IP67-RGB-W facilitates a wide range of applications to use with our flexi strips, which can also be customised to the customers specification ready for installation. They feature a seamless light with ultra high brightness and new design connectors. You are able to have continuous light even when joined up to 10 meters thanks to the multiple cable options presented with the Flexi strip. Offering a long warranty and 5 year life span.


Lumen Output-
RGB Red 75lm
RGB Green 185lm
RGB Blue 40lm
Input Voltage 24VDC
Power Per Metre 12W
Cuttable Length 100mm
LED Qty 60 per mtr
Beam Angle 150
Colour Red, Green, Blue
PCB Fitting Colour White
Wave Length:-
RGB Red 620 ~ 630nm
RGB Green 520 ~ 530nm
RGB Blue 460 ~470nm
Width Dimensions 15.5mm / 20mm Connector

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