ICON-BOX is a 3 way connector and it built to allow joining electrical cables together with a simple and reliable operation, providing excellent strain relief and protection to your LED cables for underwater LED installations.

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  • 3 Way Connector
  • 5 Pole
  • IP68 2 Bar
  • Terminations: Screw Fixing
  • Wire Cable Specification 5mm (min) ~Â 14mm (max)
  • 3 year warranty
  • Swimming pools
  • Wet & Humid conditions

ICON-BOX is a waterproof 3-way connector built to join electrical cables together with a reliable and simple operation, providing excellent strain relief and protection to your LED cables. The junction box is manufactured with a visual clear design allowing you to see the joined cables as well as the additional assurance to apply silicone inside the junction box for added security once you have completed the simple wiring operation. The ICON-BOX incorporates the capability to terminate up to 5 cables with a wire specification ��� 5mm (min) ~ ��� 14mm (max).Featuring the IP68 waterproof functionality it allows underwater LED installations and is designed with a UV stable cover with polyamide housing material, preventing the ICON-BOX degrading in sunlight, maintaining Icons condition throughout. Once you have joined your cables, with its small and compact design, the ICON-BOX is easily concealed in applications so only your LEDs are on display.

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