The RGBRF-4x5A is a 12-36VDC, constant voltage receiver. Featuring a channel output 4 x 5A, the RGBRF controls up to 6 zones and capability of setting 6 scenes at each zone. Suitable for a wide range of domestic, commercial and retail internal lighting.

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  • Suitable for indoor LED lighting
  • User-friendly interface, easy and simple operation
  • Control up to 6 zones and set 6 scenes at each zone
  • 10 pre-set changing modes, with pause function
  • Capable of RGB colour adjustment
  • Press button RGBW controller
  • Can achieve Red, Green, Blue and White colour directly
  • Synchronization function of pattern changes to ensure consistent change
  • Enables dimming of brightness of each, R, G, B, W channels, in order to mix millions of colours
  • Three-channel / Four-channel

Indoor LED Lighting

Voltage 12-36VDC
Max Load Current 3/4/8 x 5A
Rated Power 3/4 x (60-180)W
Load Type 0.04 ~ 0.1W
Temperature Range -20?C ~ +50?C
TC +75?C
Remarks Constant Voltage

RGBRF-4x5A is a 3 to 4 channel receiver, with the capability to be connected to our RGBRF-RC1 for synchronised and consistent pattern changes. Performing at 12-36Vdc, you can achieve Red, Green, Blue and White colour directly with a 10 pre-set changing mode including a pause function. Our constant voltage receiver can be controlled up to 6 zones and 6 scenes set at each zone; additionally RGB colour adjustment can be achieved. This constant voltage RGBRF-4x5A incorporates 80~160W power, suitable for various indoor LED lighting, commercial, domestic and retail. With a user friendly interface, customise your RGB LEDs with our easy and simple operation.

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