• A comprehensive dimmer suitable for indoor LED Lighting.
  • Intelligent fimmer capable of RGB colour adjustment.
  • 0-100% dimming range via logarithmic characteristic, perfect for human vision.
  • 256 levels of grey scales with smooth dimming control.
  • Power repeater available for increased lengths of tape.
  • Perfect for indoor strip lighting
Input Voltage 12~36VDC
Max Load Current 3/4/5 x 5A
Max Output Power 3/4/5 x (60-180W)
Load Type

Regular LED


Ta  -20 ~ +50°C
 Tc  +75°C
 Remarks Visible Address
 Dimensions (L x W x H) 160 x 57 x 21mm

DMXDIM is part of our comprehensive range for LED lighting performing at 12~36Vdc and a max load current of 3/4/5 x 5A. Capable of RGB adjustment and 256 levels of grey scales with smooth dimming control, you are able to use our LED Controller in conjunction with all PowerLED CV drivers. Power repeaters are available for increased lengths of LED tape.

Additional information

Weight 0.30 kg
Product Type ,
Input Voltage
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Output Current


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