Designed to work with all PowerLed LED tape, fixtures and mains dimmable drivers, the D350S Trailing Edge Dimmer is our newest mains dimming switch.

Supporting up to 350W, with a long dimming curve, the D350S Trailing Edge Dimmer is ideal for a variety of applications.

Trailing edge dimming

No neutral required

Soft start

Suitable for 1 way or 2 way operation

Overheating protection

Smooth dimming compatible with most LED luminaires




Care Homes


The D350S Trailing Edge Dimmer is our sophisticated mains dimmer, compatible with all PowerLed LED tape, fixtures and mains dimmable drivers.

Our D350S provides a smoother dimming control for use in most applications compared to traditional dimmers.

PowerLed’s D350S is designed with a long dimming curve providing a wide range of light levels to suit any environment, and the ability to set the minimum brightness.

The D350S also supports a load of up to 350W, meaning separate, multiple dimmers are not required for various LED wattages.

Additionally, no dimming signal cables are required for using this dimmer, making it simple and convenient to install in a variety of residential and commercial applications.

Our Trailing Edge Dimmer is also designed with a single gang back box, giving you the confidence that it will replace your traditional mains light switch.


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