PSU001 is a Constant Voltage LED Driver, of non waterproof design, suitable for CONNECT Light bars up to 1200mm in length.

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  • Captive terminal screws for ease
  • Snap lock cable strain relief
  • Over load, short circuit and thermal protection
  • SELV equivalent
  • Class II product
  • RI suppression in accordance with EN55015


  • CONNECT Light Bars up to 1200mm in length


PSU001 is a LED Driver of non waterproof design, suitable for use with CONNECT LED Light bar configurations up to 1200mm in length. PSU001 has 220-240V input voltage, is of Class II design and has captive terminal screws and snap lock cable strain relief for ease of installation.


Input Voltage 220-240Vac
Power 20W
Connect Bar Length* 1200mm

*This is the maximum length of Connect bars that can be powered from one unit.

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