• High luminous efficacy
  • Super slim, rugged design (up to 60mm thick)
  • Custom designed case for effective heat dissipation
  • In house LED driver technology
  • Impact resistant tempered glass
  • Bracket designed with +/- 160° angle with 5° interval locking system
  • Designed to eliminate water ingress
  • Optional Dusk to Dawn available
  • IP65 rating
  • 5 years warranty
  • Marine based
  • Harbours & docks
  • Coastal areas
  • Oil rigs
  • Vessels and boats
  • Industrial and outdoor working environments
  • Swimming pools

IP66 rated Marine Plascoat finish with superior resistance to sun, salt and sea water, providing excellent abrasion and crevice corrosion resistance.
rugged design (maximum depth 60mm) with custom designed case for effective heat dissipation. 316 Stainless Steel bracket, with +/-160° angle with 5° interval locking system.
Designed to eliminate water ingress, vented cable gland to reduce risk of condensation. Impact resistant tempered glass. 3030 LED chips. Dimming options: 1~10V or DALI.


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