The BLADE just got better!

BLADE 2 is an industrial, professional LED floodlight offering 100-600W with a high lumen output. With an enhanced LED system the BLADE 2 offers high luminous efficacy, an enhanced performance and reduced thermal intensity in a slimmer design.

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  • High luminous efficacy
  • Super slim, rugged design (up to 60mm thick)
  • Custom designed case for effective heat dissipation
  • In house LED driver technology
  • Impact resistant tempered glass
  • Bracket designed with +/- 160° angle with 5° interval locking system
  • Designed to eliminate water ingress
  • Optional Dusk to Dawn available
  • IP65 rating
  • 5 years warranty


  • Commercial Lighting
  • Area Lighting
  • Sports Lighting
  • Car Parks / Public Spaces


PowerLed are excited to introduce our newest LED floodlight – the BLADE 2. The BLADE 2 has an enhanced LED system which allows for reduced thermal intensity whilst still providing a high wattage and high lumen output for various, professional industrial applications.

As a result of advanced LED lighting technology we have been able to make improvements to the design elements, making the BLADE 2 slimmer and sleeker without ever compromising on quality and output. Similar in appearance to the legacy BLADE, the BLADE 2 is a perfect substitute or retrofit replacement.

The BLADE 2 has also been designed with a separate gear tray allowing for more space, and the introduction of air vents, between the LED driver and the LED array. In addition to a flush heat sink, this ensures that the driver stays as cool as possible which is crucial for long term reliability and fault free operation.

Designed with a single gasket seal, the luminaire is integrated inside the seal with an impact resistant, tempered glass lens. With IP65 rating, this design feature eliminates water ingress, making the BLADE 2 rain-proof and leak-proof. The die cast aluminium and silicone gasket also ensures that the floodlight doesn’t get brittle or degrade with age, contributing to a longer lifetime.

The BLADE 2 has been designed with 3030 LED chips to ensure the large surface area array offers high luminous efficacy and a more uniform light/lumen output. 3030 LED chips deliver significantly enhanced thermal characteristics compared to a COB or small area array. This design feature keeps the LEDs cooler, allowing them to operate for longer without the associated lumen fall off.

Additionally, the rugged fixing bracket ensures that the floodlight remains fixed in its intended lighting plane. The bracket is designed with +/- 160° angle with a 5° interval locking system to provide uniform lighting. The BLADE 2 comes with a wall mount arm meaning no screws are required to install the floodlight.

Available in 100-600W models.


For more information and to discuss your requirements, please contact a member of our team.

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