C0-55-20-2-60-F3.5-20 is a 14.4W LED Flexible Tape with High CRI.

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  • High quality LED
  • Controlled binning for tone consistency
  • ISO9000 production facility
  • Dual copper layer
  • PCB for excellent thermal management
  • IP20/IP65/IP67
  • High grade 3m adhesive


C0-55-20-2-60-F3.5-20 is a 14.4W LED flexible tape with a high CRI which is perfectly suited to retail and residential applications. Powerled high CRI flexible solutions are manufactured with a 24Vdc which allows longer LED lengths by reducing current.

Colour: Neutral White (3000K).


Compatible Accessories:

Caimen Flexible Tape Connectors

Recessed & Angled Mounting Aluminium Extrusions

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LED Colour ,
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