Tennis Club LED Lighting Scenario

Tennis Club LED Lighting Scenario

This private tennis club was looking to upgrade their lighting to improve the light levels and reduce both their running and maintenance costs as the demand on their courts' increases through membership and private hire.

Tennis Club LED Lighting Layout

Project Brief

With a run of three courts, the aim was to achieve a uniform light pattern across each court, whilst utilising the existing mounting poles.  With club hours extending through all seasons the need for illuminated courts is evergrowing, and so running and maintenance costs are also a focus.


Unlike traditional sports lighting, LED fittings are flicker free and instant on at the required light level eliminating warm-up time thus providing a secure environment; an ideal choice for Tennis court lighting.

Case Study

The "scene" for each tennis court was measured to ensure the fitting selected, and its location generates a uniform light pattern and the lux levels required.


12 of our T Series 1000W Stadium style floodlights, fitted with 25D lenses, were selected for this tennis club LED lighting to ensure the Lux levels required were achieved; to align with the Energy saving ambitions these fittings have Energy A++ levels.

T1000 Series Lensed Directional Stadium Lights


These products are lensed, and each module directional to better enable a uniform light spread.

Each individual module can be rotated through 150º forward and backwards & 45º up and down.


Due to their long lifetime and quality of finish, these tennis court led lighting fittings ensure a short return on investment. Their paint finish and IK10 rating ensure protection from the elements and stray balls and the lifetime of the Lumiled chips take away the need for maintenance

On top of this PowerLed will offer warranty repairs & technical support for the life of a product.

Estimated saving of £3,145 a year*

*based on replacing 12, 2000W sodium fittings, with potential on hours of 42hrs a week.

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