PowerLed Outdoor Tennis Court FloorPlan


PowerLed were invited to design a scheme for this project as a comparison to an existing scheme using product from an alternative manufacturer.  The customer wanted to see if we could improve the overall spread of light across the playing area.


Privately owned tennis court for low level competition with minimal spectators, looking to achieve an average lux level of 300 and to have an even spread of light.  Already has 6 x 8M posts positioned; one in each of the four corners and 2 on the net line


Using our product FLEX-LENS Asymmetric 240W floodlight, we were able to meet all the requirements and greatly improve the scheme, ensuring there were no areas of the playing field that saw a drop in light level.

You Should Know

FLEX-LENS also benefits from adjustable elevation angle, is available with different lens configurations and offers accessories such as lens hoods.


The FLEX-LENS is a sophisticated and innovative asymmetric lens range of floodlights for use in areas where directional light is important such as sports fields.

Using high quality SMD LED arrays and the very latest optic technology offers excellent efficacy.

With a custom case design for effective heat dissipation, rugged design and in house LED driver technology the FLEX-LENS is an ideal solution for any environment.