LED Cathedral Lighting from PowerLed

This cathedral was looking to replace their existing SON fittings with more energy efficient lighting option for their ecclesial interior that would remain aesthetically pleasing (non-intrusive) and ensure a quality of light for the congregation, public events and varying groups of daily visitors.

With the need to reduce their carbon footprint, by decreasing the consumption of electricity, achieve sustainability yet ensure the cathedral remain illuminated LED was the obvious choice. The requirement was originally to mimic the colour of the SON fittings but once given the opportunity to choose the LED colour from a light board, they went for a far cooler effect,  which gave spectacular results!

For cathedral lighting the variety of LED fittings and colour options can ensure the interiors are lit to be aesthetically pleasing, enhance the magnificent architecture and the fittings architecturally sensitive.

With a lamp life of up to 100,000 hours, there are other substantial financial savings to be made when implementing LED for your cathedral lighting not only in the reduction of replacement bulb costs but also maintenance.

SON Cathedral Lighting

Cathedral Lighting Before

LED Cathedral Lighting from PowerLed

Cathedral Lighting After

E Series 400W FloodlightE Series 400

Power Consumption: 400W
Lumen Output: 50,400lm
CCT: 5700K
CRI: 80
Lifespan: 50,000hrs



The installation of our LED lighting fittings within cathedral lighting can be further developed with the introduction of daylight harvesting or dimming functionality through a centrally controlled lighting system.

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