Today, the core advantages of LED lighting are widely understood and accepted by both installers and users; all appreciate the energy-saving and low maintenance benefits the technology offers. This means that for designers and installers, simply offering LED products is no longer, by itself, always enough to keep a competitive edge.

Home and office users today expect lighting that’s controllable to suit their mood or activity. Security specialists must have effective, reliable illumination for areas under surveillance and protection. And, with long-term rising energy costs and pressure to be green, everyone seeks maximum possible energy efficiency.

Our range of LED Power and Control products give designers and installers the toolkit they need to meet these expectations. Both Constant Current and Constant Voltage drivers are available, rated from just 9W up to 80W. Many feature 1-100% or 10-100% TRIAC dimming functions and compatibility with leading or trailing edge dimmers, and efficiencies to 80%.

For building and home automation specialists, we offers drivers with DALI interfaces; up to 10 units can be synchronised for wider lighting coverage. Pushbutton dimming is also possible, and DIP switches set output current levels.

Security installers can use PowerLED’s active motion sensors to control protective lighting. The devices use high frequency electro-magnetic waves and can detect movement through glass or thin walls. A daylight harvesting version can balance output power against ambient daylight conditions to optimise energy efficiency.

LED lighting is increasingly the choice of designers and users alike; PowerLED controllers and drivers realise the technology’s performance and success.

To select LED Power and Control for Competitive Lighting Installations, while avoiding problems, it’s always worth discussing your next new or retrofit installation project with PowerLED. Not only do we have the LED luminaires, drivers, controllers and options to meet your exact requirements, we also have the expertise to ensure you make cost-effective choices that you will truly appreciate. We offer innovative, constantly evolving Best in Class products that are continuously improving in reliability and efficiency.