Update May 2018

"Getting the best from existing technology to create stronger, more efficient and cost effective products is maybe being forgotten whilst would be innovators plough on, pushing technology and perceived advantages to its limits.

This is perfect in an industry where legacy products are robust, reliable and already cost effective in volume, as you are able to ‘bolt on’ new and emerging technology to bring added advantages while maintaining reliability. Should we run before we can walk though, as many LED products in our industry are still, even now, plagued by compliance or reliability issues, even before we add any new tech? Our ethos as a business is always to deliver a product that offers high efficiency, extremely low ‘in service’ failure rates and strong repeatability (across all manufacturing aspects). Delivering a solid, robust product each and every time takes more than simply luck, or even good design and has been over twenty years in the making for us at PowerLed.

We hope to continue with our quiet revolution, that of bringing professional, problem free products to our growing audience who are a little jaded by the false promises and poor performance of some products in our industry."

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