We continuously review our operational performance to highlight areas for improvement so to better meet our corporate strategy and continue to deliver value to our customers. Operational performance is not just about us being profitable as a company, we wish to improve our overall performance and efficiency, which is driven by our longstanding commitment to maintain ISO accreditation.

Our operational performance measurements for quality are not just on the specifications of the product, and how well it conforms to them but the durability and desirability of the product to our customer base. We aim to introduce products that are serviceable, have outstanding performance functions, the ability to adapt and extend these functions and ultimately represent true value to our customers.

We aim to competitively price our products by assessing several matrix, including purchase volume and freighting costs. In areas where the market has a large variety of products we aim to include an entry level range in our offerings to ensure both we and our customers can remain competitive. We are constantly reviewing our costs and how they may be affected by variables such as component costs/shortages, exchange rates and even the uncertainty Brexit can bring to the market.

We have developed our product lines and workforce to allow greater flexibility in our operations; our in-house production capability allows us to adjust product lines quickly to new requirements, adapting our operations and delivery schedules to better meet market demands.

We measure this operational performance objective by reviewing how timely our delivery of products to customers has been, in accordance with requested and confirmed timelines and costs. When measuring dependability of a product, and its ability to function as intended, over a lifetime, we rely heavily on our RMA system, where we log customer experience concerns and product analysis.

Recent investments have allowed us to process an enquiry to quotation, and on to order processing more expediently. With extensive warehousing and over 1000 product lines in stock we are capable of providing immediate despatch on all our popular product lines. We are also working on improving our time to ship by improving manufacturing lead times and freighting services, should stock not be available immediately, and can even arrange for urgent shipping direct from our 4 factory locations.