We listen to our customers in order to truly understand what is important to them and their business. We always endeavour to encompass market sector performance criteria and pricing.


Where warranty stops, serviceability becomes paramount, that's why when we develop our products we not only focus on immediate operational life but also on ways of extending their usable life.


We understand our products - after all, we should do! When you phone us for technical support or advice we can provide a true understanding of our product and how it fits your application.


Our products are designed to exceed our own set criteria, however monitoring and recording does not stop at point of sale. We take an active interest in the performance of our products.

It's all about product evolution and continuous improvement.


In an ever changing market the basic essence of the product is likely to remain the same but the technology available to deliver is constantly changing.  The LED market in particular is developing at such a pace it's important to keep abreast of development.

Market & Expectation

It’s not all about performance; cost is a major part in any decision process. Our products are always designed to achieve a balance between optimum performance and price.

Product Design

We design and develop our products so that they can be serviced , in a market place congested with un-repairable  un-serviceable throw away items warranty gets confused with useable life, that’s why we believe its important to not only be able to support our products technically but also to repair and extend the useable life.

Our extensive knowledge of the LED driver, (arguably the most important aspect of any LED fixture )and  our ability to support and replace this part when it fails  ensures that our products will continue to function way beyond the promise of any warranty has long expired.

Application Support

Not only can provide technical support on products we can assist with lighting schemes, specifications and after sale issues. We eat sleep and drink lighting, were committed and passionate about everything we do, our staff are both Knowledgeable on our products as well as LIA qualified which ensures to provide expert technical support.

Operational Performance

With extensive ware housing and over 1000 product lines in stock we are capable of providing immediate despatch of all our popular fixtures, should stock not be available immediately we can arrange for urgent shipping from our 4 factory locations

Market Forces

Led lighting continues to evolve, the ability to control lighting in an ever increasing number of ways , is sometimes even more important than the light output , with a world focused on energy efficiency and green house gas emission reductions,  it’s important that we continually improve are existing designs and add new intelligent solutions to our lighting  as they become available,

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