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    We are trusted and expert suppliers of commercial LED lighting and power solutions. Our experience helps our customers achieve more reliable, efficient, safe and cost-effective lighting results.

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The LED Driver toolkit to meet control, reliability, energy saving and efficiency expectations!

LED lighting transforms and enhances your home, office and outdoor environments; and so is increasingly the choice of designers and users alike; PowerLED’s controllers and LED Drivers realise the technologies performance and success.

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LED Lighting and LED Driver Control

By utilising a grouping of LED lighting, drivers and controllers installers working with LED systems can offer their customers an enhanced, more flexible experience as well as the energy-saving and low maintenance advantages of LED lighting technology.

You can take the guesswork out of the ambient lighting conditions, highlight to create drama and interest or set lighting levels to reflect the mood of the environment…

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PowerLED have the know-how and experience to help you quickly and easily find a LED solution.

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Certified to BS-EN-ISO 9001:2008, since 1997, we ensure you safe, reliable, cost-effective products and service.

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Committed to supporting our customers both our sales and support teams, who will go all out to assist you.

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Why use LED Lighting
and LED Drivers

LED lighting brings several advantages to lighting applications including energy savings, robustness, reduced maintenance and an overall reduction in the cost of ownership when compared with more traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs…

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The latest LED information from the team

September 22, 2016
PowerLed Exhibiting at LuxLive 2016

PowerLed will be Exhibiting at LuxLive 2016.   PowerLed Exhibiting at LuxLive

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September 9, 2016
IP Ratings Explained

IP Ratings Explained Many of our products feature an IP rating such as IP20, IP65 and IP67, here is an explanation…

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September 9, 2016
What is TRIAC Dimming?

What is TRIAC Dimming? Dimmers have fast become a vital part of many lighting applications and installations. Dimmers allow you to…

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  • “Their local representative’s visit was also particularly useful as he demonstrated a range of products in operation, allowing us to compare and contrast.”

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  • “It was easy to purchase a small number of units to ensure that we could install and operate them as we expected, before calling off the quantities we needed for the complete project.”

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